Preferred Customer Program

Keep your boiler running at optimum efficiency, sign up for your Preferred Customer Program now, your boiler will thank you.

Preferred Customer Program

Program Benefits:kn boiler 6

  • Timeliness of Service
  • Customized Program to Fit Your Needs
  • 10% Discount Off Additional Parts and Labor

Our Expert Technicians Utilize the Most Modern Technology Available:

  • Service Equipment—analyzer equipment and technologies
  • Electronic work order system—streamline billing process
  • At time of maintenance, our certified technicians are also there to assess potential future impacts to your system, preventing emergency downtime.

Our Programs are Custom Designed for Your Equipment and Include:

  • Manufacturer Recommended Equipment Inspection.
  • Burner Tune Up—clean & inspect burner internals, set electrode gap, check diffuser setting, check linkage movement.
  • System Survey—analyze system for proper application and/or operation of components.
  • Combustion Analysis and Tune-up—check and adjust fuel/air ratio for optimum efficiency.
  • Written Report of status and suggestions for improvements.

Our Service Technicians are Available 24 / 7

Commitment: To Deliver Solutions That Provide Total System Efficiency and Reliability.

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