Troubleshooting Boiler Rooms for Decades


For over 80 years, Thermal Tech Inc. has focused on configuring boiler and boiler-related equipment for a multitude of applications and industries. Our team consists of 3rd-generation personnel with the mechanical room experience to keep boiler rooms all over Central & North Florida and South Georgia operating safely and efficiently.

But actions always speak louder than the words we use to describe our company. When a customer takes the time to tell you that your team is living up to our company’s mission, it reminds us that doing things the right way is the only way. Here is a letter from the HVAC technician from a healthcare facility we provide annual and bi-annual service for:

Just wanted to comment on the great experience it always is to work with you and all the guys at your organization. But I would like to especially recognize George for going out of his way and helping us with a problem which has been ongoing. He recently was sent to our facility to work on a couple of our boilers and overheard the chemical treatment representative and I discussing our DA tank issue we have been having for over a year.

He helped us diagnose a faulty bypass valve that goes to our feed water. This valve has caused a problem with conductivity, chemical usage, and humidity issues in our hot water heater room due to overflow. We have spent several thousand dollars, and countless hours spent with contractors, trying to solve this issue. We even had gone so far as to repipe and install a condensate return unit to overcome what we thought was maybe a gravity issue. This speaks directly to your guys and their training.

A big thanks to all of you. Always a pleasure. 

– Shawn, HVAC Techncian at N. Florida Healthcare Facility

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