CB February Webinar – Boiler Condensate Return Basics

Boiler Condensate Return Basics

This webinar is a continuation of the Boiler Steam Supply Piping Basics program (November 2015), which covered the steam supply or distribution system. 

Boiler Condensate Return BasicsBuilding on this material, the February webinar will educate attendees about the condensate return portion of the total steam system, including: piping considerations, important equipment pieces encompassed in the system, and necessary considerations regarding proper and safe design.

The content is targeted to mechanical engineers, design-build contractors, energy managers, plant supervisors and boiler operators. The program will enlighten both the uninformed as well as remind or reinforce those with knowledge about steam supply and return piping systems. This webinar is strongly recommended for those who are concerned about steam plant efficiency, reliability and safety.

Join us Wednesday, February 24th, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. ET

Certificates of Completion will be available.  This webinar should equate to 1 (one) Professional Development Hour, at the discretion of your local governing agency.

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