Five Preventive Maintenance Steps for Your Boiler

Originally recommended from a legacy article on the CBRA website, Thermal Tech, Inc. recommends the following five steps to keep your employees and your boiler room safe and in top shape:

  1. Equipment Installation – Install only boiler and pressure vessel equipment registered with the National Board. Such equipment will be manufactured in accordance with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. Most jurisdictions and insurance companies mandate National Board registration.service guys at Fl Hosp
  2. Replacement Parts – Purchase only first quality OEM replacement parts for any boiler or pressure vessel repair or maintenance effort.
  3. Training – Adequately train all personnel who regularly use or maintain a boiler or pressure vessel. Do not allow a general maintenance person to assume the responsibilities for day-to-day operation of any boiler or pressure vessel unless that person has had specific training. (Cleaver Brooks Customer Training Schedule).
  4. Safety & Efficiency Testing – Establish a regular, periodic safety testing and efficiency-monitoring program for all boilers. Develop a checklist. Make sure everyone who encounters the boiler understands the cautions and warnings and who to call for help. For assistance in developing a preventive maintenance and efficiency program you may want to consider implementing a Preventive Maintenance Contract.
  5. Repairs – Require that all welded repairs be performed by National Board “R” stamp holders who are properly trained and qualified to repair boilers and pressure vessels. These repairs have very specific protocols to help prevent recurring failures or accidents. “R” stamp repairs signify strict repair and/or alteration requirements have been met and verified by a commissioned National Board inspector.

Are you interested in worry-free, regularly scheduled boiler inspections and preventive maintenance?  Thermal Tech, Inc. provides Preventative Maintenance Contracts that are tailored to provide specific periodic inspections and service to minimize down time and maximize efficiency. Service can include:

  • Periodic Inspections: Annually, quarterly or monthly
  • Boiler(s), auxiliary equipment and system components
  • Total Planned Maintenance Program (All inclusive)
Original Article From the CBRA website

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