OCPS Southwest Middle School Boiler Room Renovation

OCPS Southwest Middle School Boiler Room Renovation

Project Summary

When OCPS Southwest Middle School determined that their current heating hot water system needed a more efficient overhaul, they contacted Thermal Tech, Inc. to perform a system evaluation. The outcome was the recommendation to install more efficient and reliable equipment to meet the needs of the application.

KN boiler side croppedThe Challenge – An aged inefficient heating hot water system which included:

  1. An existing cast iron boiler operated at low system water temperatures, which were conditions not intended per the design.
  2. A heavily corroded flue venting system.
  3. An oversized system pump.
  4. An expansion tank with a ruptured internal butyl diaphragm bladder.
  5. Air and dirt present in the system distribution piping.

The Solution – The application of state of the art equipment which improves the operational efficiency of the existing system.

  1. wilo pump 3 croppedThe ATH KN-Series boilers Model KN-26 HHW high efficiency condensing boiler model takes the heat-retention and durability of cast iron and couples it with the energy savings of a fully modulating burner. A new double wall stainless steel internal/outer material special gas venting system was installed to support this new boiler.
  2. The Wilo Model Stratos GIGA 2.5/3-87 2-1/2″ is a high-efficiency space-saving inline circulator with ECM technology that is designed for use in hot water heating systems, air conditioning, closed cooling circuits, and industrial circulation systems.
  3. Spirotherm Air & Dirt Separator Model VDT500FA Spirovent® inline coalescing type air and dirt.  A new bladder diaphragm-type expansion tank sized for the existing system volume was installed.

spirotherm 2 closeupAll equipment was started up and the system was put online by the Thermal Tech certified technicians to complete this turnkey project.

The Results – Through applying the latest technology, the following results were achieved:

  • Gas savings of $10,800.00 per year.
  • Electrical savings of $5,615.00 per year.
  • Maintenance saving priceless due to no dirt or air in the system.

Project Completion April 2015

For more information on how your system can benefit from the latest technology, please contact:

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