Whether a new application or an upgrade to your existing system, our controls group specializes in the latest controls technology. We’ll help your boiler system operate at maximum efficiency with the fewest possible emissions. Single-point positioning systems can be replaced with more user-friendly, energy-efficient controls to handle changing load and seasonal conditions.

Boiler Controls


The latest boiler controls can increase efficiency and reduce fuel costs, especially when integrated into your building automation system. Available for new or retrofit applications.

  • Communication systems
  • Packaged water controls
  • Water level controls
  • Stand-alone controls

Get peace of mind by monitoring your mechanical room at your fingertips.  The Cleaver-Brooks Prometha serves as a central communications solution to ensure safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable operations.  See how the Prometha works

Burnham boiler receives a burner and controls upgrade for increase efficiency and reduced emissions.

High-turndown burners

Increase your boiler’s operating efficiency, reduce emissions and save on your energy bill. Our aftermarket group can help you pick out the right high turndown burner for your application.

Whether it’s a commercial or industrial application there are numerous boiler design options including watertube, firetube or modular that utilize the best available technology for the most efficient possible operation. Thermal Tech Inc can provide a no-obligation estimate and expected ROI for you to consider.

Fuel Conversions

Whether you need assistance converting from gas to oil or oil to gas, we have a simple solution for you. There are many reasons and opportunities to have the ability to fire a backup fuel in case of emergency. Our aftermarket group can assist in selecting the proper conversion kit for your application. Along with each kit comes a detailed engineering diagram as well as an updated wiring diagram.

Boiler Plant Optimization Survey

Thermal Tech Inc. has factory-trained service technicians to perform Boiler Plant Optimization (BPO) assessments. The BPO is an evaluation of the boiler room based on 4 pillars of optimal plant operation: efficiency, sustainability, reliability and safety. The BPO plan will outline energy-saving opportunities and discovery for emissions reduction through retrofits, rebuilds and upgrades.

Boiler Plant Optimization Certified
Thermal Tech Boiler Optimization Certified
Syd Grantham – Factory Certified BPO Specialist

The Boiler Optimization Plan will include:

  • Document the current state
  • Maintain operational records
  • Develop standard operating procedures
  • Prepare for Operational Recovery
  • Roadmap for improvement
  • Promote continuous education