Cleaver-Brooks Commercial Boiler Burners

Whether new or retrofit, the ProFire line of Cleaver-Brooks burners is designed for maximum efficiency and lowest emissions. ProFire burners are suitable for firetube, commercial watertube, firebox, cast iron, and process heating applications.

Burner Retrofit
A Burner and Controls conversion can renew a boiler system to achieve today’s technology achieving optimum efficiencies and fewer emissions. 

Burner Models:

The ProFire® SBR-30 burner is capable of less than 30 ppm NOx emissions without FGR, offers: natural gas fuel option from 16.8 to 54.6 MMBTU/hr.

The SBR-30 is suitable for use with a variety of boiler types including firetube, flextube and industrial watertube boilers, as well as thermal oil heaters utilized in process steam, industrial process, waste heat recovery, hospital and healthcare, laundry and dry cleaning, and refinery and petrochemical applications.

The ProFire® D series forced draft design allows for trouble-free and superior efficiency across a wide range of applications.

The ProFire® E series burners provide increased efficiency with low-pressure drop firing head design and low blower motor horsepower requirement

The ProFire® SBR-5 series burner, capable of less than 5 ppm NOx emissions with FGR, offers: natural gas fuel option from 10.5 to 42 MMBTU/hr.

The ProFire® MTH burner is designed for process heating applications such as thermal fluid systems and hot oil heating.

The ProFire® V series burners boast an aerodynamic air-damper design that permits accurate air-to-fuel settings for maximum combustion efficiency

The ProFire® Q series burners are designed around efficiency and operational simplicity. This ultra-quiet, compact burner has the high-efficiency and ease of use perfect for almost any commercial application.

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Forced draft and dual-fuel burners
Size Range
0.4 to 16.8 MMBTU input range or 9 to 380 HP
For firetube, watertube, commercial watertube, firebox and cast iron boilers. Ideal for everything from process heating applications to building heat, sterilization, humidification and more.
Gas, #2 and or #6 oil, combination or alternative fuels
Range from <9 ppm, <30 ppm and uncontrolled NOx

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