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Cleaver-Brooks Electric Boilers

For commercial and industrial applications, Cleaver-Brooks steam and hydronic electric boilers are clean, compact, quiet, easy to install and have no venting or fuel requirements. With no combustion considerations, electric boilers are a good alternative where emissions regulations are a concern. The units typically include operating controls, elements, fuses, contactors, safety valve and instrumentation.

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Steam Heating Power
Steam 1.5 kW - 750 kW
Steam Capacity
4.16 kW to 3,375 kW
Steam Pressure
15, 150, 200 and 250 PSIG
Steam Uses
Process steam models are ideal for high and low pressure steam applications like garment pressing, medical sterilizers, steam rooms, air humidification and more.
Steam Warranty
5 years on the pressure vessel
Hydronic Heating Power
12 kW to 3360 kW
Hydronic Pressure
160, 200 and 250 PSIG
Hydronic Uses
Comfort heating
Hydronic Warranty
5 years on the pressure vessel

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