Containerized Boiler Room Installation

Containerized Boiler Room

Determining a solution for a complex boiler room situation can make it challenging to come up with options that might accommodate your facility space and current piping and components within your building.   Containerized boiler room solutions answer many of those potential obstacles – whether a new or existing facility. 

Thermal Tech Inc. has the expertise to configure, install, and commission a containerized solution to fit the needs of your application.

Proven Results

A pharmaceutical company with limited space had additional process steam requirements for its production. Thermal Tech, Inc. crafted a permanent containerized boiler solution.  

The Solution

The container shown in the image gallery below was a custom designed and built to fit restrictive space constraints. 
The solution eliminated the need to expand their facility through costly land procurement and new construction, which saved them around $2 million in costs. 
It also reduced the permitting process by several months, which allowed the customer to implement their new product line faster enabling them to produce over $1 million in additional product. 
This is a turnkey system that Thermal Tech Inc. designed and constructed in-house using the highest quality products such as Cleaver Brooks, Sprirax/Sarco and Thermal-Flo.   After craning the unit in place, it was seamlessly installed and connected to the existing system.  Equipment start-up and boiler operator training were included to ensure the reliability of the equipment and added safety for the facility and personnel.
A Packaged Solution
Boiler, Controls, Feed System, Blowdown Separator, Water Softener, Chemical Feed System and Water Treatment
Space Savings 
Compact footprint No production space is taken away from the facility Outside placement enables flexibility with the space
Ease of  Installation
Minimal to no permitting is required. Utility connection permitting is done with the design Boiler controls can be tied into an existing BAS for control and monitoring Ease of Startup with single-point connections for power, water, gas, steam and drainage Field wiring and piping is drastically reduced - saving time and money Avoid the cost of new building construction
Pre-Engineered Integrated Equipment
Pre-engineered boiler system ensures all packaged components are engineered to work together for smooth start-up and operation. Custom-engineered systems and containers are available.  The container pictured above was cut from 40 feet to 30 feet to accommodate the space.
Peace of Mind 
Equipment start-up and boiler operator training is included to ensure the reliability of the equipment and the safety of your facility and your personnel.  A single source for all components - meaning full warranty support and access to experts.

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