Federal Pump Coupled Pump

Federal Pumps

Commercial and Industrial HVAC condensate return units, domestic booster systems, heat transfer packages, sump pumps, and sewage lift pumps.

Federal Pumps include condensate & vacuum units, boiler feed units, horizontal split case pumps, end suction centrifugal pumps, and sump and sewage lift stations.

Available Products

Type VCL Condensate Return Unit
  • Cast Iron or Steel Receivers
  • 3450 or 1750 RPM Operation
  • To 20,000 sq. ft. E.D.R.
  • To 50 psi Discharge Pressure
  • Completely Assembled
  • Controls Mounted & Wired
Type CCV Condensate Return Unit
  • Cast iron or steel receivers
  • 1750 or 3450 RPM operation
  • To 100,000 sq. ft. E.D.R.
  • To 125 psig discharge pressure
  • Completely assembled
  • Controls mounted & wired
Type CCF/CGF/CKF Close-Coupled Pumps
  • Vertical Close-Coupled Pumps
  • Back Pull-Out Design
  • Centerline Discharge
Type CCB/CGB/CKB Flexible Coupled Pump
  • End suction enclosed impellers
  • Vertically split back pull-out casings
  • 1750 RPM and 3450 RPM selections Leakless mechanical shaft seals
  • Centerline discharge for automatic venting
  • Steel or cast iron bases
  • Standard NEMA motors
  • Flanged suction and discharge for easy installation
Type VSA Sewage Pump
  • Wet-Pit Installations
  • Pumps Suspend From Pit Or Basin Cover
  • Non-Clog Impellers
  • 1750 RPM 1150 RPM Operation
  • Steel Or Fiberglass basins
  • Steel Covers And Grouting Frames For Concrete Pits
  • Control Systems Available