Publix Dairy Plant Replacement FLX Boiler

Publix Flexible Watertube Installation

Publix Dairy Plant Replacement FLX Boiler

Project Summary

A new boiler with better reliability and efficiency was required to replace obsolete equipment that the owner was having difficulty obtaining replacement parts in a timely fashion. This resulted in increased downtime for the existing boiler and as a result, production was impacted. Some challenges on the project included space constraints requiring the new boiler to be a flexible tube design and maneuvering the boiler into a tight space within the room while maintaining production during installation of the third boiler. Additional equipment included a stack mounted feed water economizer to achieve a higher operating efficiency.

The Challenge – An aged inefficient steam system that included:

  1. An existing legacy Miura boiler that could only operate as a backup boiler at lower pressure
  2. Perform demolition and installation without impacting production
  3. Footprint limitations requiring the new boiler to fit back on existing pad while maintaining proper maintenance access to equipment
  4. Tight space maneuvering the boiler into the room
  5. Discovery of incorrect steam pipe size that limited steam production output

The Solution – The application of state of the art equipment improving the operational efficiency of the existing system.

  1. Cleaver-Brooks FLX Style Steam Boiler, 8.4 MMBtu/Hr input to offer customer equal 200 Hp boiler output capacity.  “Custom Unit” supplied with over-sized burner to meet the > 8.0 MMBtu/Hr fuel input
  2. Cleaver-Brooks HAWK ICS Series 1000 Controls incorporating parallel positioning controls to improve burner combustion efficiency
  3. Stack Mounted Feedwater Economizer to improve overall system efficiency
  4. Modified steam piping to allow proper dedicated steam supply to deaerator while also installing a dedicated steam supply line from new boiler into common steam supply header to improve steam boiler plant operations
  5. Installed Condensate Contamination Detection system to protect the boiler plant system from fouled condensate
  6. Startup by the Thermal Tech certified technicians for completion of this turnkey project

The Results – Through applying the latest technology, the new system is achieving increased steam output while not impacting fuel costs and downtime for this boiler is reduced to zero from the former legacy boiler. With three boilers at 100% operational capacity, Publix was able to achieve increased production throughput.

  • Estimated efficiency of old system – <80%
  • Documented Efficiency Rating for new Boiler  – 84%
  • Anticipated Annual Fuel Savings = $9,200 per year.
  • Improved Production, priceless

Project Completion January 2015

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