Sarasota Memorial Central Energy Plant

SBR-30 Burner Internals

New Energy Plant

CB at Sarasota Memorial

Project Summary

The Sarasota Memorial Central Energy Plant project was designed in order to complete an expansion of a new bed tower to replace beds and services located in the oldest sections of the building dating from the 1950’s. The existing central energy plant (CEP) was relocated and expanded into a new stand-alone energy plant.

This project was awarded due to the Cleaver-Brooks packaged boiler products offering better efficiency vs competition, which results in a lower life cycle cost.

Equipment Summary

  • (3) 750 hp CBLE steam boilers
  • HAWK ICS controls master panel
  • deaerators
  • surge tank
  • blowdown heat recovery
  • stack system

Sarasota Susman 3

The Sarasota Memorial Central Energy Plant also included metering and Spirax Sarco insertion vortex meters for this steam plan.

Additionally Sussman SSB stainless steel steam boilers were provided for Central Sterile in the Critical Care Wing.

Project Completion: December 2011
General Contractor: SKANSKA
United Mechanical
Smith, Seckman, Reid, Inc.

For More Information Contact

Rick Wilkins
Phone: (813) 623-3762
Email: [email protected]

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