Shipco® Underwriters Laboratory (UL®) Label

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Do You Have the Shipco® Underwriters Laboratory (UL®) Label?

It is important to note the difference between “UL® Listed” and “UL® Labeled.” Marketing folks are good at using words that sound alike, but mean significantly different things. Shipco® offers “UL® Labeled” products, which is the most stringent certification that UL® offers. Visit the UL® website for specifics on their standards.

Shipco® Underwriters Laboratory (UL®) LabelIn today’s liability conscious world, a majority of code inspectors and code officials enforce this standard. However, our competition has refused to translate this standard into their product offerings; they will offer “UL Listed” components versus the specifications requiring UL Labeled “products.”

Shipco® offers UL® labeled units as a standard feature and at no additional cost. Not just our control enclosures, not just our pumps, we label the ENTIRE Pumping Package and certify that the processes and components used are in adherence to UL® Labeling standards.

As a design engineer looking for ways to save your customer money, please have this option listed as a specified feature and hold your vendors to your specifications relating to UL® listing and labeling.


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