Spirotherm Top of the Line Automatic Air Vent

The Spirotop® Air Release Valve is your Top of the Line Automatic Air Vent for:

  • Filling or Draining a System
  • Venting High Points
  • Eliminating Air Locks

When compared to automatic air vents of lesser construction and lower standard ratings, the Spirotop is extremely cost-effective, in fact in most cases less expensive. It is becoming the standard replacement vent, especially with facilities departments responsible for multi-building campuses.

It does what other brands can’t do to completely purge air from your existing hot water or chilled water loop. We have reports that “ten minutes after installation, the hydronic system was properly vented and has remained in proper function since.”

Compared to the competition, this unit is smaller in size, has a larger maximum operating pressure and temperature, is designed with a dry air chamber to prevent leaks, and carries a 20-Year Limited Warranty. See this recent comparison sheet.

If your current air release valves are over two years old, Contact your local sales representative to schedule your on-site audit now.



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