Testimonial – St. Joseph’s Hospital

“I have worked with and been supported by Thermal Tech, Inc.

at St Joseph’s Hospital (SJH) since arriving in Florida In 1997. Their office has always been professional and supportive and ready to assist in any project necessary to support the hospital providing quotes, new installation, and support services.

The field technicians sent out to service our plant at SJH are very knowledgeable and resourceful in keeping the equipment on site functioning even though outdated. Their willingness to show up at any time to facilitate repairs in order to keep the hospital operating has been a hallmark of their service, even when dealing with equipment not normally supported by them.

Thermal Tech has assisted with the design and installation of projects such as the two boilers at our Women’s Hospital as well as a total re-tubing on boilers and other repairs on support equipment such as our Kewanee DA tank that is not typically supported by them.

At SJH we have tried other service companies in the past that were not capable of providing the support Thermal Tech, Inc. has been capable of providing, therefore I see this relationship between them and the hospital strengthen going forward.”

Philip Jung, Manager Plant Operations, St. Joseph’s Hospital