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Thermal Tech, Inc. provided a custom solution for the USF South East Chiller Plant with the Spirotherm  High Velocity  24” Air Eliminator and Dirt Separator.

The Spirotherm unit was installed for the new 5400-ton chiller plant serving the SE campus that had known issues with dirt and water quality issues. This plant has a 24” pipe size, but limited clearance, therefore the unit was constructed with 60” diameter shell to lower height.

With a centrifugal air separator originally specified, USF issued a change order to incorporate the more efficient Spirotherm coalescing air and dirt eliminator for the new plant. Most recent results indicate zero NTU (turbidity level = 0) which indicates superb water quality and clarity.

Project Completion: September 2010
Contractor: Bentzel Mechanical
Engineer: Kenyon & Partners

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Click here for more product information and a video demonstration of the Spirotherm air and dirt separator models.

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