When Is It Time To Finally Replace A Coil?

When Is It Time To Finally Replace A Coil?

Air Side or Tube Side Plugging In Your HVAC System Could Be Compromising Efficiency

One consideration for replacing a coil is when the transfer of heat is reduced due to air or fluid side fouling or plugging.  These problems are caused by foreign material in the air stream or dirt in the fluid system.

Read about further causes and solutions in this in-depth article by USA Coil & Air then contact your local Thermal Tech, Inc. representative for your customized replacement solution.

Replacing heat exchanger coils has been taking place since the beginning of the HVAC and processing and cooling era.  It’s now close to 90 years since the first finned tube heat exchangers appeared on the market in the early 1900’s. The coil has undergone drastic changes over the years – from spiral wound type through the plate fin coils that currently dominate the market. Read Complete Article

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